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Options Trading Models:
Our back tested Options Trading Models have been fined tuned and re calibrated over the years to adapt to the changing markets.  Individuals who wish to start Trading immediately and reduce the time and expense of getting a complete education may be best suitable for our Trading model courses. 

Below you can see a brief description of the topics covered in these courses and the primary profit goals, methods, styles, strategies, and requirements that correspond to each Trading model.  Simply choose the model that is best suitable for your lifestyle, risk tolerance, financial status and personal preferences.
Dynamic Structure Trading:   This course was developed to take advantage of any market condition in any time frame.  This allows you to trade based on structure, patterns, and "what we see"   NOT   "what we think".

Dynamic Structure Trading is a robust Trading strategy for the serious traders looking to invest in a time-tested, highly profitable style of Trading that can be applied across a broad range of time frames and markets.  Day trade a 1 and 3-minute bar chart in the following:

Market Compatibility:
Emini Futures Indexes
  • Russell 2000
  • S&P 500 Index
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • The Emini Index Futures represent the best vehicle that the DST model can capitalize upon most effectively and efficiently
Foreign Exchange currencies (FOREX)
Equities - NYSE & NASDAQ
Average Risk & Reward Ratio:
Rewards average between 10% to 50% per transaction depending on investment amount.
Risks can average between 10% to 25% per transaction depending on investment amount.
Trading Characteristics:
Time requirements - Trade between 9:00am to 11:30am to 2:30pm to 4pm EST
Simplicity Rating - Simple & Easy to comprehend and execute. 
Education Duration Requirements - 3 to 5 weeks of training / education / back testing
Day Traders & Swing Traders - this trading model may be used by Day Traders & Swing Traders.
Course Includes:
Live Online Interactive Courses - Eight Courses (duration 3 hrs each) over a time span of 2 months. (Live - Online - Interactive)
Recorded Archives - all Web Casted Courses are recorded and available for online viewing..
Course Material - Complete 200+ page manual covering more trading techniques, setups and money management.
6 Months of Live Coaching - Graduates will receive six months of realtime online coaching from 9am to 4pm EST on Tues - Thurs
Unlimited Library Access - Access the library of trading course material and archived movies for DST Traders.
Pricing for the DST Trading Model:
$3,495.00 - Includes all items illustrated above.
What Is Dynamic Structure Trading?
Dynamic - adapts to recent market conditions and can be used in range-bound or trending markets.
Structure - based on market structures of support/resistance, pivots, daily ranges, basic Elliot Wave patterns, and others.
Trading - a proprietary "Strength of Signal"  system is used to qualify trades and determine position sizing for each trade.

Two Month DST Course - what to expect..
Training for this trading model will include an interactive (and very intense), two month, accelerated trading course. I'll be coaching you each step of the way, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, critiquing your trading, encouraging you along, helping you to fine-tune your results, and giving you the "kick-in-the-butt" you need to succeed.
  First you'll rapidly master the trades by learning every setup through the 'LIVE' Theory and Logic classes where I take you through everything in my trading method.
  During these trading seminar classes you will be introduced to my Dynamic Structure Trading Method, and the understanding of visual price patterns.
  This is delivered in 'LIVE' Online trading Seminars in a ONE-on-ONE fashion to ensure the uptake and retention of the most important information throughout the course.
  This is the key to the acceptance of the LOGIC and THEORY behind the Directional and Divergence Models that I will teach you in the DST system. Only when these concepts and rules are accepted subconsciously, can you go to the market and practically apply these rules 'CONGRUENTLY' and without pause or fear.
  You'll also be taught the psychological strategies which are an absolute MUST to being an effective trader. And last but certainly not least... you'll discover the profit multiplying power of a strong Money Management plan.
  During all this time, you'll also have access to over 80 hours of online videos that help supplement what you learn in the trader mentoring seminars.
  Not only that, you'll also be given a complete 200+ page manual covering more trading techniques, setups and money management.

After this, you'll actually start applying what you've learned in the 'LIVE' real-time trading Room under the direction and the watchful eyes of veteran traders and myself.

Monday sessions are focused on the trading seminars which will cover the basics of trading, the DST trading system, plus the psychology of trading and money management.

Tuesday through Friday is 'LIVE' Market Practical Application in the room and is attended by all traders. The focus is on the actual real-time application of the rules. It is in these 'LIVE' sessions where you'll put to practice what you've been taught and 'Earn while you Learn' as trade alerts and setups are called out in 'Real-Time'.

6 Months of Access To the DST Live Trading Room - FREE ($1,200 Value)
Below is a brief description of what you will learn and experience in the Live Trading Room included with this course.
  How to anticipate what market action will be before the open by identifying the current trend, momentum, and trading range... in multiple time frames
  How to look at market behavior from a macro perspective... and how this relates to expected market movement each day so you can capitalize on this movement
  How to trade the openings, from regular conditions to gap ups, gap downs and runaway gaps
  The way the pro's trade support, resistance and bounces within a trading range (This is one of the most reliable methods to trade effectively, but most people don't understand it)
  The importance of repetition and programming your nervous system to take action based on prediction... until it's natural, relaxed, and instant.
  How to trade high probability intraday patterns that will enable you to not only trade in the right direction, but also allow you to optimally size your positions, depending on how strongly the market is trending
  How to avoid exiting too early from strong, extended moves
  The power of trading off major trend reversals. When you enter the beginning of a new trend, it can be a long ride with nice gains. I'll show you the setups and conditions under which you should always be looking to enter trend reversals
  How to properly trade the divergence model. This has proven to be effective on one and three minute charts for short-term trades... and 13 minute charts for Swing trades
  How to project the "Probable Range" to nail profit targets and quick pop trades
  How to identify trends with standard technical indicators, plus determining the "Trend Life" and "Projected Targets" using "Rules of Projection"
  You'll learn proper trade execution with entry and exit points and stop order placement. You will also be taught when and how to scale in and out of a position, and how to properly evaluate the risks and rewards before even entering
  The most effective methods found for spotting false signals and breakouts... and how to tell the difference between real opportunities and high risk setups
  How to manage your position risk using Cycle and Wave theory
  When it's best to stay out, and when it's important to vary your trading size and your stop-order placement without increasing your overall risk
  How you can pinpoint support and resistance areas, and how to properly anticipate consolidation breakouts
  How to use various order entry tactics to get the best possible fills even in fast-moving markets and avoid slippage
Detailed Course Curriculum - Options Trading Model 1
  The Objective of Technical Analysis

i) The Concept of Probability

  Trading Philosophy, Trading Plan, Trading Rules

i) Goals: the Trader Assessment
ii) Planning
iii) Psychology
iv) Money Management
v) Strategy Development

  State Management
  • i) Neuro-Associative Conditioning
    • (a) Disciplined Thinking
      (b) Disciplined Emotions
      (c) Disciplined Actions
  • ii) Education of Trader
    • (a) Formal Education
      (b) Life Experience
      (c) Why Most Traders Lose
  Technical Trading
  • i) Technical vs. Fundamental
    • (a) Strengths
      (b) Dow Theory
  • ii) Chart Construction
    • (a) Point and Figure
      (b) Line
      (c) Japanese Candlestick
  • iii) Trend Analysis
    • (a) Support & Resistance
      (b) Penetration
      (c) Round Numbers
      (d) Trend examples
      (e) The Fan Principal
  • iv) Gaps
    • (a) Common Gap
      (b) Breakaway Gap
      (c) Runaway or Measuring Gap
      (d) Exhaustion Gap
      (e) Island Reversal
  • v) Reversal Patterns
    • (a) Head and Shoulders
      (b) Triple Tops and Bottoms
      (c) Double Tops and Bottoms
      (d) V Formations or Spikes
  • vi) Trend or Continuation Patterns
    • (a) Triangles
      (b) Flags and Pennants
      (c) Wedge Formations
      (d) Confirmation and Divergence
  • vii) Eliot Wave Theory
    • (a) Wave Personalities
      (b) Fibonacci Sequence
      (c) Seasonal Cycles
  • viii) W.D. Gann
    • (a) Geometric Angles and Percentages
      (b) 45 Degree Angle
  Psychological Factors to Successful Trading

i) Barriers
ii) Becoming Successful
iii) Defining Goals
iv) Winning Characteristics
v) Losing Characteristics

  Pre-Market Analysis

i) Economic Releases and Reports
ii) Session Bias
iii) Average Daily Range
iv) Related Markets
v) Minor Trend Changes
vi) Technical Foundation
vii) Technical Outlook
viii) Forming a Trading Plan

  The Directional Trade
  • i) Structure Definition and Visual Recognition
    • (a) Bear Continuation
      (b) Bull Continuation
  Theory of Market Movement
  • i) Building the case for entry
    • (a) Pattern Recognition & Structure
      (b) Qualifiers
      (c) Scalping contracts
  Structure Trading

i) Recognition and Prediction

  Indicator Training
  • i) Directional Market Indicators
    • (a) Moving Average
      (b) Average True Range
  • ii) Divergence Indicators
    • (a) Relative Strength Index Classic (RSI Classic)
  • iii) Divergent Entry
    • (a) Support/Resistance
  • iv) Economic News Events
    • (a) 'Rules of the Trade'
  DST Summary of Trade Setups
  • Divergence based Trades (long and Short)
    • SOS (Strength of Signal 1 - 5)
    • FE (Favorable Excursion)
    • AE (Adverse Excursion)
    • FE Twist
    • Kiss of Death
    • Kiss of Life
  • VS1 (Volume Spike One) (Long only)
  • 70 % Trade (Lows and Highs of Day)
  • Directional Trade (Trend Catching)
  • Gap Fill Trades
  • SAR (Stop and Reverse) Trades
  • Fib / Gartley Swing Trades
Dynamic Structure Trading Course Registration
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