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Active Futures Trader recommends the premium quality research and analysis of Jurojin Weekly.   They provide a FREE daily newsletter for all ActiveFuturesTrader members and prospects.  Subscribe below and evaluate the quality of their research and analysis.

Jurojin Weekly Newsletter for Futures Traders & Investors
Brought to you by the Supreme Council of the Secret Order of Jurojin
Their goal is to provide subscribers with actionable, highly disciplined and focused futures trading ideas each week that have excellent risk/reward characteristics and are grounded in solid fundamental and technical analysis. Ultimately, they aim to produce consistent long-term profitability for their subscribers. Most of their readers prefer to trade the recommendations of the newsletter with the help of their futures broker to help them fully understand the risks associated with futures, options and the volatile markets in which we aim to prosper.  Each weekly edition is supported by a Daily Portfolio Update from Tuesday through Friday to keep readers abreast of how the day's market action impacted their portfolio of trades.

. Categories of Recommendations, Research & Analysis
  Each week the service selects the best opportunities brought to readers by the Supreme Council and is broken down into four separate categories. We won't necessarily bring a fresh recommendation within each category unless market conditions allow. If we don't see an opportunity within a particular market, we simply leave it alone. Our recommendations fall within some of the following categories.
  . Currencies - CME futures and options on the euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian and Canadian dollars.

  . Commodities - Gold, silver and copper futures and options, corn, wheat, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, cotton, coffee, cocoa, frozen orange juice, livestock, crude oil, natural gas and heating oil.

  . Stock Index - emini S&P, Dow and Nasdaq index futures and options.

  . Interest Rates - U.S. Treasury notes, British gilts and German bund futures and options, Eurodollar, sterling and European short-dated interest rate futures.
  Within each category, their dedicated team members with many years of real market trading experience and investment research analysis covers a particular area of expertise. This ensures that their subscribers will receive highly focused real world short- and long-term trading opportunities they can act on in a self-directed nature or with the help of their futures broker.

The report is posted to the website each weekly and members receive an email alert at that time. Any irregular or actionable trading alerts of events might also be delivered by email. Typically, you will get three to four new trading ideas each week. But we don't recommend trades just for the sake of trading. That dilutes our ability to provide solid and potentially profitable situations. Our analysts only recommend trades when they see an opportunity to make money. In short, we trade what the market gives us.


We have a very simple structure to the recommendation. Each recommendation consists of:

  • Entry level
  • Stop-loss level
  • Either one or two profit target levels depending on market conditions (PT1 & PT2)
  • Margin requirement
  • Profit and loss potential from each trade
And with this structure, we have established a simple set of trading rules that will help our subscribers get the most from our service. They include:
  1. Always trade with a trailing stop. Never enter a futures trade without knowing before hand how much risk you will take in a trade (that is one of our core beliefs). We have defined that risk for you with our initial trailing stop-loss recommendation.
  2. Trade in contract sizes that are multiples of two. You never know if you are catching a trend or just a correction even when you are initially correct in the direction of the trade. We have found by trading the position in ½ increments, we are often able to grab profit at our first target, even if the market later turns against us. Readers are directed as to whether each trade should involve a single or two contracts in each order.
  3. Move stop to break even if the first profit target is achieved. By moving your stop to break even on your remaining half position after the first profit target is achieved, you are assured to lock-in profit on the trade. Should the trade continue to move your way, take all gains at PT2 unless otherwise noted.

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